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The first thing I see when I see you or when you see me… SKIN!

We all have our insecurities, mine was my skin.

The truth is, it was horrible and I absolutely hated it, hated looking at myself in the mirror, hated taking pictures that were close up and if my spots were visible I would delete the picture most of the time and take another one.

I never really had spots in secondary school, but once I hit year 10 they started popping up more frequently. Year 11 they died down a bit and 6th form was ok for me.


When I got to Uni it was like my skin was out of control. Since the age of 15 I’ve been prescribed so many different creams and tablets by my GP I’ve lost count and none of them worked. If they did, one spot would go down and then another one would pop up within a matter of hours. Not only was it on my face, but also my neck, shoulders and chest.

I’ve tried so many skin care ranges such as; clearasil, freederm, tea tree, Clinique, simple, clean & clear, dermalogica and more. I also tried dudu osun (Nigerian black soap) that dried my skin out so much, my face ended up producing more oil to compensate for what I had lost.
I looked like a grease ball *pukes* I also used lemon to lighten up the blemishes but that didn’t work either and I tried some Chinese herbal medicine stuff that stank of shit.
By the time I got to my second year of Uni I no longer had spots it was full blown acne. It was blatant!

I cut out different types of foods to see if they had an effect on my skin: chocolate, nuts, dairy products and spicy foods- no visible change!
All I drank was water and I was drinking 2L a day or at least 1.5L a day. I also started to eat more fruit and veg. STILL- no visible change!

I knew my skin was bad, I hated it and I hated people looking at me but I couldn’t hide it. Acne really knocked my confidence. What made it worse for me and made me feel like shit even more was the day a girl from Uni was talking to me on BBM. The only thing is, she thought she was talking to another girl called Kemi (uh oh👀). We were talking about the girls from our Uni we thought were pretty.
Me: I think Kemi’s pretty
Girl: the one with the spots? No

That question right there really hurt. The fact that I was known to this person as “the Kemi with the spots” made me think that’s the way every other person saw me. Anywho I basically told her she was talking to the Kemi with the spots loool and she started apologising and saying she didn’t mean it blah blah blah😴. The damage is done. It is what it is… (I cried once I put my phone down though, I felt like crap).

I was in California summer 2012, make up never crossed my mind til then. So I went to MAC and asked the make up artist to help me find my shade of foundation. He did a great job and I got it right twice after he did my make up but after that…it was terrible and way too dark for me. My face was dark but the rest of my body was literally yellow😕…

My skin was still terrible in my final year of Uni and I didn’t know what to do. Once I was in my room and my make up was off, I didn’t let anyone in my room. I hated looking at myself so I thought I’d save myself the trouble of people staring at my spots.

June 2013 once my final year exams were over and I was stress free, I went to a private hospital and saw a dermatologist. THIS WAS MY LAST RESORT!
He saw a list of everything I had been prescribed since the age of 15 and was in shock that my skin hadn’t improved. He also told me that trying to cut out certain foods was a waste of time in terms of trying to improve my skin as this was a hormonal thing.

He put me on Roaccutane 30mg for 6months. It’s used to treat severe acne or acne that is at risk of causing permanent scarring (my face was full of spots and scars and covering it up with make up only made it worse).

So now I’m writing this post because…Roaccutane worked for me!!! FINALLY something that actually worked!!!😱😭🙌😁 Despite the fact that I had to have a blood test every month before I could pick up my prescription (check for cholesterol levels and to see if you’re pregnant- this medicine CANNOT be used by pregnant women) and that it dries out your skin ESPECIALLY YOUR LIPS😖😖😖using roaccutane was probably the best decision I made in 2013.
Now I have my confidence back, I can go out without make up and hopefully I’m not known as the Kemi with the spots anymore. My skin is actually clear again. 😁

I use Clean & Clear morning energy to wash my face and Simple hydrating light moisturiser so my face doesn’t feel greasy.

Amazing🙌. Well proud. The fact that you actually wrote about it❤️